Rug Refringing

Refringing Process.

We have refringed thousands of rugs at Yeatts Rug Plant. Our process yields a fringe that is more secure than traditional methods. Our customers can personally select their own fringes from various styles, lengths and traditional colors. Our skilled technicians assist every customer before the refringing process. They demonstrate various fringes, answer questions, and can provide insights on types of fringes aiding the customer.

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A poorly refringed rug. Wool was still seperating from the old, worn out fringe. The novice company used a cheap fringe and took no time to apply this fringe properly.
Done the right way by Yeatts Inc., this rug is ready for use once again.
Yeatts Inc. would be embarrassed to send this rug back into a customer’s home.
We use a fringe that matches the white wool (after professional cleaning!) in the rug’s foundation.
This wool rug had very worn fringes that were separating from the rug’s foundation.
Yeatts Inc. firmly secures new fringes on both ends of the rug.
Notice this corner. Wool would continue to fall apart from the foundation without some action.
This severely damaged corner is stronger now than compared to original construction.

Yeatts Inc.

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