Carpet Spotters

Yeatts Easy System (Y.E.S.) spotters have been extremely popular throughout the decades. Our simple system allows you the customer to remove all types of minor stains on all sorts of fabrics. The directions are very simple, no mixing, and you have an instructional video for reference.

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  • Y.E.S. Spotter 1 can be used alone to remove mild water-based stains and remove cleaning residues left behind by dry cleaning companies or from other cleaning agents.
  • Y.E.S. Spotter 2 is used for any organic stains such as food, drink, red clay, vomit, feces, blood, animal urine, and grass stains.
  • Y.E.S. Spotter 3 is used for grease and oil based stains such as tar or asphalt

Yeatts Easy System (Y.E.S.) spotters 1, 2 and 3.

Key benefits of using Y.E.S. Spotters:

  • Our spotters are so easy to use!
  • Treating the stain when it happens greatly reduces the chance of that stain becoming permanent.
  • Our spotters are environmentally safe for your family and pets.
  • The Y.E.S. spotters will not leave a residue or BLEACH out the dye colors of your fabrics.
  • Our deodorizer is strong enough to replace all of your existing fabric deodorizers.

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