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How to Store a Rug Long-Term.

How to make a cleaning solution from household products.
What Type of Vacuum Should I Buy?
How can I stop my pet from urinating on my carpets and rugs?
Bill Yeatts – “If we had a product that would prevent cats or dogs from urinating on rugs and carpets, I would be retired by now. Really the best prevention is to train your puppies and kittens at an early age to use the litter box or to go to the front door if they need to be let out. If you have a room that contains a favorite rug or upholstery, you should keep these rooms off limits at all times. If the pets can’t enter the room, no damage can be done to your fine rug or upholstery. Keep rooms with any wool rugs off limits to your pets. Pets seem to be more prone to urinate on wool rugs than synthetic fiber. Once again, if I knew why, I’d be retired. However, I do know that removing the odor from wool is more difficult than removing odor from synthetic fibers. This makes sense. Urine is protein and wool is protein. Removing severe urine odor from less expensive rugs with latex and canvas backings is nearly impossible. Also repeated urine contamination may produce severe damage. The urea in urine is responsible for causing dye colors to run and can cause dark black spots on your wood floors. These black spots can not be sanded out.
What type of underlays should I buy for my rugs?

Jason Yeatts – “For rugs that are to be placed over wood floors we recommend our underlays composed of rubber and felt. These underlays will increase the longevity of your fine rug. Without these underlays your rug is severely squeezed by the daily, constant traffic flow over your hard floors. Waffle underlays do prevent rugs from sliding. However, these underlays are too thin to provide adequate protection from the squeezing effect mentioned above. The only time we recommend these underlays is when a customer wishes to place a rug by a door. Thus, the customer can open the door freely without it catching onto the wool pile. Foam underlays offer little protection for rug longevity and may not hold the rug in place. Sticky paper thin underlays that stick onto carpeting or wood floors offer no protection and can damage your wood floors or carpeting. We never recommend these type of underlays.”

How often should I clean my upholstery?

Bill Yeatts – “Most homeowners never clean their upholstery. With pet hair, nicotine, food crumbs, drink spills, and dust, upholstery is one item in your household that should be cleaned yearly! Individual Yeatts Inc. technicians will clean more upholstery this year than many of our competitors will clean in their lifetime.”

I called a company to clean my carpeting in the home. They told me they could remove the black streaks running along the baseboards in the hall and living room. They are still there! I live in Macon, Georgia so I could not use your company. Can you give me some advice concerning these hideous black streaks?

Jason Yeatts – “The black streaks running along the baseboards are permanent. Our company would have told you so from the start. These are called filtration stains and are caused by dust. This problem often occurs in modern, energy efficient homes. Yearly professional cleaning on all new carpeting will help prevent filtration stains from occurring.”

Does fabric protector really work?

Joe Yeatts – “It is a very effective tool in preventing stains and spills from becoming permanent. The protectant bonds to the fiber and forms a guard against dyes (beverages) or strong acids (urine) that would seep into the dye sites in each fiber. The fabric protector applied on new wall to wall carpeting or new upholstery will last a few years. After a few years of use, the invisible fabric protector is chipped off and removed by your hand held vacuum (upholstery) or household vacuum. Some wall to wall carpeting is protected by the manufacturers prior to distribution. Less often, upholstery fabric is protected by manufacturers. Almost no hand knotted rugs (Persian or Oriental) are ever protected. I recommend protecting all fabrics from hand knotted rugs to cushions after each cleaning. For the fact it isn’t very expensive and provides additional safety; fabric protector really works.”

How do I store a rug?
How should I vacuum fringes on a rug?

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