Rug Cleaning

Custom-built drying poles.

Yeatts Rug Plant is the first vertically integrated rug facility in North Carolina. From the construction of custom rugs, products for rugs, repair, and cleaning, we are recognized as an industry leader.

Just as with our other cleaning services, some rug cleaning techniques are not taught in industry schools. Some equipment used in our rug cleaning processes is created in-house. With our experience and association with manufacturers, we have the means to consistently test new cleaning solutions.

We can test the effectiveness of a new cleaning solution made specifically for water damaged or soot damaged rugs, regardless the rug’s composition, synthetic or natural fibers. This one example is why respected insurance agents and professional restoration companies have increasingly selected Yeatts Rug Plant as their destination to send severely damaged rugs. They know that if we can’t save a rug, no other company can either.

Soot and Smoke Odor Removal.

Yeatts Inc. receives many referrals from medical specialists because we use MasterBlend® Responsible Care™ Products. If you or a loved one suffers from allergies, asthma, or are very sensitive to cleaning solutions, then we are the only company you should call.

All solutions in the Responsible Care™ lineup are plant based, perfume and phosphate free, truly biodegradable, and provide relief!

Rug Dusting.

A severely soot-damaged rug.
After our custom cleaning process the soot is removed.
After a thorough cleaning, each rug is treated accordingly to it’s specific needs.
We clean all types of rugs several times a day.
With our drying poles and system we can dry even soaking wet, water damaged rugs within 3 to 4 hours.
Joe puts the final touches on a clean rug.
Key benefits of cleaning your rugs:

  • Dust, grit, bacteria, food particles, sand and animal hair is completely removed.
  • Grit and sand removal significantly extends rug life.
  • We can remove stains before they become permanent.
  • Clean rugs are healthy rugs!
  • Colors will shine and fringes will brighten up after a thorough washing.
  • We leave NO shampoo residue.
  • Safe solutions for insects that might damage your rug.
  • We protect rugs after cleaning to make sure that future food and drink spills clean up quickly.

Yeatts Inc.

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