Rug Underlays

Jason Yeatts shows you how to measure underlays.

If you are about to purchase or you have recently purchased a hand knotted or expensive rug, then you need a quality underlay. An underlay has two purposes. The underlay helps stabilize the rug on a hard floor surface so that the rug doesn’t slide away once an individual steps onto the rug. This is the safety aspect of an underlay. The second purpose of an underlay is that the underlay protects the rug. The underlay takes the brunt of the squeezing effect of body weight on the rug and a hard floor surface below the underlay. New rugs will last much longer on hard floor surfaces with the accompaniment of quality underlays.
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Key benefits of using underlays:

  • Our underlays prevent rug movement and rippling on any hard floor surface.
  • Our underlays are hypoallergenic.
  • Our underlays will increase rug life.
  • Underlays reduce floor noise.

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