Carpet Cleaning

Joe Yeatts demonstrates their carpet cleaning process.

Yeatts Inc. has cleaned millions of square feet of carpeting in residential homes and businesses since 1974. Now due to demand and growth, Yeatts Inc. is focusing attention on improving the carpet cleaning process in general.

We have established network partners in the service of cleaning carpet. Their customers receive the same unmatched cleaning processes and service our customers have experienced for decades. Yeatts Inc. has access to all major manufacturers and suppliers, has created cleaning processes that are not known about in the industry schools, and has manufactured various equipment and machinery.

Yeatts Inc. is now an authorized distributor for two manufacturers. We have access to the newest cleaning solutions and equipment. This is beneficial to our networking partners because we can test cleaning solutions and equipment on various fabrics around Yeatts Rug Plant. Knowing the value of time and money, we can quickly determine the really good products that will help our industry and customers.

Yeatts Inc. receives many referrals from medical specialists because we use MasterBlend® Responsible Care™ Products. If you or a loved one suffers from allergies, asthma, or are very sensitive to cleaning solutions, then we are the only company you should call. All solutions in the Responsible Care™ lineup are plant based, perfume and phosphate free, truly biodegradable, and provide relief!

Severely dirty carpet.
Same area after cleaning by Yeatts Inc.
A heavily stained nylon runner.
Thoroughly cleaned by Yeatts Inc.
Key benefits of allowing us to clean your carpets:

  • Each residential crew has at least one technician on each job with 15+ years experience in cleaning carpets.
  • All machinery and equipment used by Yeatts Inc. is superior to our competitors.
  • We offer free written estimates. No hidden charges!
  • Family owned and operated. Not a franchise!
  • With our method of cleaning, your indoor air quality will improve greatly.
  • Your carpets will last much longer with a yearly cleaning.

Yeatts Inc.

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