Yeatts Rug Plant can make an old dirty rug look new.

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Custom ellipse rug with fringe.

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Jason Yeatts demonstrates carpet repair.

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Refringing Process.

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Yeatts Rug Plant is the final destination.

Cleaning all types of rugs, carpets, and upholstery is our specialty. Competitors, manufacturers, and teachers of the fabric cleaning trade, recognize Yeatts Rug Plant as an industry leader. Other service professionals in medical, real estate, and commercial cleaning select our company to clean fabrics for their clients. In some instances we clean carpets due to allergy or asthma concerns while other instances the cleaning is an emergency or scheduled. Our networking partners in restoration services select Yeatts Rug Plant to process severe water and soot damaged rugs, carpets, and upholstery.

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Yeatts Inc. understands the importance of water.

Water is the most necessary commodity on this Earth. Groundwater is limited as once water tables, aquifers, or springs are depleted or destroyed, then another source of obtaining water must be found. Population expansion which requires food and water causes additional problems. Since humans must have food and water in order to live, water must be taken from the ground to provide crops and drinking water for humans and livestock. Add in droughts and modernization or urban development upon water rich land, and the means for preserving water becomes more complicated.

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