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Refringing Process.

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Rug Repair by Yeatts Inc.

During the week, our technicians process rug orders that require minor or major repair. Some rugs have simple separation along the outer edge whether it is fringing at the end or serging or binding along the sides or entire rug. Most outer edge damage can be repaired by the machinery we employ. However, any inner area of the rug completely missing wool, and worse a hole you can see through, requires the skills of the top repair craftsman at Yeatts Inc., Chuck Hilton.

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Yeatts Inc. is still the best decision.

With all the big retail chains renting equipment such as dehumidifiers and carpet cleaning extractors, one might believe cleaning fabrics or performing water damage restoration is something you do on a whim. Even “professionals” in the fabric cleaning industry rent their equipment from big retail chains. There are many precautions to consider before renting carpet cleaning extractors instead of hiring an industry leader such as Yeatts Inc.

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