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Custom ellipse rug with fringe.

Jason Yeatts demonstrates carpet repair.

Refringing Process.

Goodbye Enewsletter

You are reading the last enewsletter. Our creation of the enewsletter began in 2004 when sending quarterly hard copy newsletters to customers became extremely expensive.

Our database had grown tremendously and management knew this would continue to expand. We mentioned in our mailed, hard copy newsletters to customers throughout 2005 that enewsletters would commence in 2006. At first our enewsletters were emailed to our customers and that was a huge endeavor involving yet another database.

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We love upholstery cleaning!

Upholstery cleaning is the least popular service our competitors’ technicians dread hearing. The entire cleaning process is difficult and frustrating work for the average technician. The solutions used to clean upholstery are numerous and cleaning methods also vary. Toss in lack of experience, and you can see the average technician attempt to shy away from cleaning the upholstered item. Who could blame them? However, upholstery cleaning is a major growth division of Yeatts Inc. The orders for fine fabric, residential, and commercial upholstery cleaning services are increasing yearly.

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