Yeatts Rug Plant can make an old dirty rug look new.

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Custom ellipse rug with fringe.

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Jason Yeatts demonstrates carpet repair.

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Refringing Process.

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We are the commercial carpet cleaning experts!

Everyone realizes Yeatts Inc. is sought after for residential carpet cleaning. Leading janitorial companies and successful building maintenance managers select our company to clean carpets and upholstery for their customers or buildings under their management. Yeatts Inc. technicians can be seen cleaning large commercial businesses and organizations in the late afternoons and on weekends. Our company rarely loses a commercial account as well. Often the termination of a commercial account is a result of the maintenance manager leaving for a better position or the janitorial company losing the account.

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Winter 2015 eNewsletter is Here!

Before you buy a custom rug read this first!

Sculptured or loop pile and synthetic or natural, are just a few decisions you will make when selecting a or designing a custom rug. You may wish to have fringes on your rug requiring more decision making such as long or short and knotted or straight fringes? If you plan on rotating the rug as Yeatts Inc. recommends, then weight of the rug and sometimes the patterns in the rug will also become a consideration. Before you select or create any custom rug, include the amount of traffic flow in the room where the custom rug is to be placed.

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