Carpet and Rug Services

Carpet and Rug Binding

Yeatts Inc. processes all binding orders at our location and our proprietary stitching method produces a binding twice as strong as current methods. Learn More About Our Carpet and Rug Binding Services

Carpet and Rug Serging

Yeatts Inc. provides quick quality serging for oriental and custom-made rugs. We can process simple serging orders that are brought into Yeatts Rug Plant within two days. Learn More About Our Carpet and Rug Serging Services

Carpet Repair

Yeatts Inc. is the only company in our industry that can offer quick service carpet repair and stretching. We can fix minor problems such as urine and furniture stains with an hour, and severe problems such as buckling carpeting within a few hours. Learn More About Our Carpet Repair Services

Custom Rug Orders

Let the creative minds at Yeatts Inc. facilitate your simple or complex rug order. We work with the customer! Learn More About Our Custom Rug Orders

Rug Refringing

Yeatts Inc. produces unbeatable craftsmanship every time we refringe a rug. We can replace urine saturated and worn out fringes on any rug from antique hand knotted rugs to simple Belgium machine made rugs. Learn More About Our Rug Refringing Services

Yeatts Carpet Cleaning can help you with your Carpet Cleaning, Rug Cleaning, Mattress Cleaning and Upholstery Cleaning Needs Today!

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