Rug Repair

Yeatts Inc. craftsmanship in rug repair has resulted in our company receiving many referrals. When rugs can be repaired by hand, our technicians will view and discuss the areas of concern with the customer. The best, and in most cases, only option will be presented to the customer. Our technicians, without hesitation, will inform any customer when the repair work on their rug will be more costly than what the rug is worth.

Buy at cheap prices.
Repair craftsman Chuck Hilton hand stitches serge yarn onto damaged sections of a hand knotted wool rug.
Here is a closer view of missing serge yarn along one small section.
Craftsman Chuck Hilton selects the most appropriately colored serge yearn to match the existing serge yarn.



Here was a Karastan wool rug in need of major repair. The actual foundation, wool pile, and fringe were missing except one small section we didn’t even use.
After repair and matching a new fringe very close to the old, missing fringe, this rug is ready for use.
This wool rug had severe damage and the fringe had worn away.
Here is a photo of the damaged areas after repair.
Here is a close up of a major damaged area.
With new binding, this antique rug is ready for decades of use.

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